Our products

Our products are precision made components and consistent of quality due to regular quality checks.

We strive to deliver our products fast and for competitive prices.

About CBS

CBS bearings has been active since more than 10 years and was mainly focused on supplying bespoke bearings and , Slewing Rings and some types of bearings. As of last year BCS started with the expansion of her assortment. The type of bearings that will be added are:

  • PBT bearing housings (TF, TFL, TP, CTL, etc..)
  • Sliding bearings (Bushings maintenance free and regreasable)
  • Deep groove ball bearing (6000, 6200, 6300 series)
  • Rod-ends (maintenance free and regreasable)

CBS bearings are quality bearings for an economical price. The quality can be guaranteed by intensive quality control of the carefully selected manufacturers. These manufacturers are selected by using a very detailed audit protocol which ensures that the quality will be constant throughout the whole production and that every production has the same quality over and over.

CBS also strives to have short lead times. Where some brands have long lead time, CBS pushes for short lead times with respect to quality.

Pricing of CBS bearing will be competitive and in line with the quality.